Your property manager has conducted a technical inspection of your accommodation.

SGS performs a technical inspection of all accomondations before a new tenant move in.. During the inspection, your property manager check the condition of the apartment/room and if the previous tenant or SGS needs to address any potential damages.

Go through the inspection report, which you will find on My Pages under "My agreement". If there is damage or defects in the apartment or fixtures that are not listed in the inspection report, you must report this within 10 days of picking up your keys. Otherwise, you risk being held liable for damage you did not cause. Report by creating a fault report on My Pages, where it is also a good idea to attach pictures and the text: "For information after your own inspection". 


How do I read the inspection report?

In the column “Utlåtande” there are six options. What do these mean?


Godkänd - Approved

Without remark.


Godkänd med anmärkning - Approved with remark

This is a note of minor cosmetic defects and will not be fixed.


Åtgärdas av SGS - To be fixed by SGS

The fault/defect will be fixed by SGS after the new tenant has moved in. The vacating tenant will not be charged.


Åtgärdas av SGS och debiteras - To be fixed by SGS and charged

The tenant has caused the fault/defect and the cost of fixing it will be charged to the vacating tenant. If you want to fix it yourself and thus avoid being charged, you have the opportunity to do so before moving out. Notify SGS in this case.


Åtgärdas av HG eller debiteras - To be fixed by tenant or charged

The fault/defect must be fixed by the vacanting tenant before moving out. Otherwise, SGS will fix the fault/defect and charge the costs.


Åtgärdas av extern fastighetsägare - To be fixed by external property owner

The fault/defect will be fixed by the external property owner after the new tenant has moved in. This applies where SGS rents the apartment from another owner. The vacating tenant will not be charged.


If you find any unclear points in the report, please contact us immediately.

You can find inspection reports on My pages.