There is a lot to think about before you move into your new home. Use our checklist to keep track of the situation.


Pay your first rent

The rent is always paid in advance, and you will find the invoice on My Pages about 10 days before your contract starts. It is important to pay your rent on time to avoid extra costs and payment notes. The invoice will indicate the due date, the date by which the payment must reach SGS.


Report a change of address

Visit the Swedish Tax Agency's website and register yourself at your new address. We require that you are registered in your student accommodation.



Home insurance

As a tenant, you are responsible for your home and it is therefore important that you have a valid home insurance that gives you the opportunity for compensation in the event of, for example, a fire, flood, burglary in your home or your storage.

In collaboration with Trygg-Hansa SGS Studentbostäder offers a welcome gift to all new tenants with a Swedish social security number on the rental agreement a free home insurance for 2 months. The home insurance is valid from the first day of the lease, after which you need to decide whether to extend the insurence or get a new one from another company. Trygg-Hansa will send information about the home insurance and how to extend it by mail a few weeks after you move in.


Electricity and Internet contracts

Check what applies to the house you are moving into in terms of Internet and household electricity. Each listing includes information on whether electricity and internet are included or if they need to be arranged by the tenant. You can also find this information on our website under "Our Areas," where all addresses are listed. Look up your address to see if you need to arrange your own contracts or if these utilities are included in your rent.